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Earlier this year, Donaldson's It was awarded product of the Year 2020 Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) Rugged fold (RP) Baghouse industrial collector. 的 Rugged bag filter The high performance and advanced collector design sets a new standard for all existing bag collectors on the market today.


In addition, with its advanced trap design and superior filtration technology, this is the most maintainable tote bag design on the market. There are a number of other benefits, including the ability to firm up wrinkles to effectively handle heavy dust loads and large air volumes, while using the PD pump cleaning system to provide energy efficient filter cleaning. This bag combines cyclone pre-cleaning and bag into a single unit to create a one-of-a-kind collector. Check out dAFa888 gold to see how this innovative bag works:


Donaldson Tory rugged and pleasant Baghouse


  1. The SuperSep inlet system pre-separates up to 97% of the heavy dust before it reaches the filter
  2. Uniform flow baffles will help reduce turbulence and evenly distribute airflow to all filters
  3. The mesh spunbond pleated filter bag provides 94 percent more discharges than the standard 16 oz. Monopolymer felt for more durable heavy duty dust applications
  4. The PD pump, in conjunction with the collector, provides energy-efficient pulsed air and reduces condensation problems during the winter due to frozen moisture
  5. PerfectPulse cleaning system provides each pulse directly through the filter to ensure more efficient bag cleaning and support longer filter life
  6. Reduce filter service by 44% due to optimum size pleated filter bag design to maximize the number of media per filter


Interested to learn more? 联系 Dafa888 Gold Edition login to the website team today or download the complete brochure Here,!


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