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Industrial processes

Various collectors and filters are available to control and/or remove any dust created by your application. Recommended dust removal equipment and replacement filters help keep the workplace clean, safer and more productive.  Dafa888 Gold edition login website can help specific industries include:

  • Plastics and rubber
  • Insulation material,
  • textile
  • chemicals
  • Wood, paper and pulp
  • Glass, ceramic processing

Metal and processing

Large, heavy particles are not a problem!  Dafa888 Gold Edition Login site will ensure that the right equipment and accessories are found to ensure safety and necessary solutions.  There are numerous solutions for sandblasting applications in the foundry, metalworking, welding and thermal spraying industries.

Agricultural food and feed

The site has many options to meet the dust removal needs of agriculture, the food & feed industry. These solutions include the drum collector, Donaldson PowerCore CP collector, and Donaldson Dalamatik cloth Bag Collector

Food and beverage processing

Because there are many different types of product movement during food and beverage processing, finding the right collection equipment is key. Dafa888 Golden Edition Login site's solution will help avoid cross-contamination and help your facility comply with food handling and hygiene regulations.  From small box vents to large bags, DAFA888 Gold Edition Login site will have the right choice for your specific needs.

Mining and beneficiation

Mining and mineral processing produce hard abrasive dust particles known for rapid wear and destruction of filter media. Choosing the right dust emission control processes and equipment can help reduce frequent maintenance and repairs and help ensure employee safety


The pharmaceutical industry relies on safe product handling, zero cross-contamination, and minimal contact with factory workers. Special mitigation efforts are needed to reduce these exposures, while also minimizing the risk of fire and explosion, as many pharmaceutical dusts are flammable.

Combustible dust

Dafa888 talks about inflammable and explosive dust and is very familiar with all NFPA regulations regarding inflammable and explosive dust and has equipment and strategies to meet their requirements.

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