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Cartridge precipitators are the collection system of choice for many applications because of their ability to handle very small particles, they are compact in size and easy to maintain.  Another great benefit of cartridge filters is the ability to take advantage of filter cleaning.  Filter cleaning Cleaning dirty filter process, whether can be used again.  You can clean some filters up to 10 times!  It's a great way to save money and be environmentally friendly.  Ideal applications for barrel dust collectors include sandblasting and sandblasting, plasma cutting, paint stands and bulk powder.


It's different from Baghouses and The filter bagThe filter cartridge dust collector adopts the pleated filter.  These pleated filters have a larger total filter surface area per cubic foot per minute reducing the ratio of air to cloth, which is why cartridge collectors are usually smaller in size.


Ensuring that you use the right filters is key to ensuring that the collector runs efficiently and safely.  Just like a filter bag, the correct filter element is based on the type of dust produced and particle characteristics, particle size, flammability and hygroscopicity..  If you are not sure what type of filter your collector needs, feel free to use it Dafa888 gold edition login website - The dafa888 gold login team is happy to help!


Now go to the dAFA888 gold edition website and take a closer look at these filters!  The most popular types of media include:

  • Spunbond fabric polyester
  • nanofibers
  • 80/20 cellulose polyester mixture
  • 聚酯


Spunbond fabric polyester

Good performance in high temperature and abrasive dust.  Spunbond polyester is an ideal choice for applications that require strong filtering media with enhanced dust release, including cement, paperboard and sandblasting.  Treatment methods include flame retardants, antistatic agents and polytetrafluoroethylene.



The nanofiber filter consists of a thin layer of synthetic fiber, usually an 80/20 cellulose polyester mixture, covered on a substrate.  Similar to the teflon film on a filter bag, the mesh traps large amounts of dust particles. Nanofibers can also withstand greater cleaning needs, making them ideal for metalworking, smoke, or other very fine dust applications.  Nanofibers have excellent performance in treating ultrafine dust particles and flame retardant.


80/20 of the hybrid

The 80/20 filter medium consists of 80% cellulose and 20% polyester.  Due to its low cost, this filter medium is the most common basic application.  Unlike 100% cellulose filters, the blend of cellulose and polyester provides more strength in the cartridge.  Ideal applications for 80/20 hybrid filters include paint kiosks, general dust filters and sprays.  Treatment of these filters includes flame retardants and antistatic agents.



100% polyester media are more rigid and contain additional folds.  This makes it a more permeable filter medium, allowing easier airflow.  Applications using polyester media include cement, sandblasting, and paperboard.  Polyester filter elements are treated with flame retardants, antistatic, hydro-oleophobic and teflon.



Finally, you may be familiar with ultra mesh filter boxes.  These elements are Donaldson-Torit's proprietary filters with a nanofiber filter medium that has been proven to perform better and last longer than other filters.  These elements are known for their high performance, which lasts longer and is extremely efficient.  These filters have a higher initial cost but are replaced less frequently, which is an investment that can save you money in the long run.



Again, understanding that choosing the right filter for your application can be confusing, but dAFa888 is here to help!  If you are on your cartridge dust remover or Replace filter, please feel free to Today dAFa888 gold edition login site team!



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