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Dafa888 gold edition login website friends in 凯蒂 Perfect for the challenge of cleaning auto parts. For applications that require heavy soil removal or complex cleaning, Lonsolhoff has an innovative cleaning system that improves productivity and efficiency while providing superior cleaning. They also have the ability to develop system solutions to help customers of THE DAFA888 Gold Edition login website meet ISO 16232 and VDA 19.1 .Specification for cleanliness of drive technology.

LeanVeyor parts cleaning system

Katie LeanVeyor systems are widely used in automotive applications, especially for cleaning automotive gears.

For example, for ring and pinion cleaning, a manufacturer needs a solution to clean the chip and oil faster .55 milligrams per gear, 70 ounces of fluid per axle. The cleaning system needs to maintain a production rate of 72 units per hour and is combined with a drying system to completely dry the parts. The company also needs a system that takes up as little space as possible.



Use 24 "LeanVeyor for pre-washing, ultrasonic cleaning, washing, rinsing, and then hot blow off. System functions include:

  • ultrasonics
  • Double strand fixed conveyor
  • Double filter cleaning and rinsing
  • Pro-Sep
  • Rinse the stage with air
  • Siemens control
  • Continuous vacuum filter

The system is adapted to the space constraints of the facility, with an actual footprint of 35 'long x 31' wide and x 8 "high, including continuous filters.



LeanJet Automatic rotating basket cleaning machine

Through LeanJet RB - 2 Immersion cleaning system is another cleaning system widely used by Lansohoff in the automotive industry. LeanJet processes two (2) industry standard size part baskets per cycle, up to 20 baskets per hour.

The LeanJet RB-2 component washer uses the cleaning and rinsing process of stirring, jet impinging, hydraulic blowing through soaking and rotating, ultrasonics, and heat blow-drying. The "triple action" batch cleaning process is specifically designed for machining a variety of challenging parts, especially those with internal boring people, paragraphs, and complex geometry. This cleaning system meets the most critical expectations.

LeanJet RB-2 uses the latest Siemens S7-1200 programmable controller and operation interface screen. The control platform improves the flexibility of system automation integration, process control, and data logging - all of which provide an intuitive user interface.


As an approved distributor of Lansohof products, the dAFA888 Gold Login website team is trained and ready to help you determine the best cleaning solution for your application. Please visit dAFa888 gold to learn more!



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