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Proper handling of dust, smoke, and spraying your workplace is essential to keeping you and your employees safe. Regardless of your application or needs, the dAFa888 Gold Login website team has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you find what you're looking for. The DAFA888 Gold Login website is there to assist with system design, equipment installation, and any post-care needs, including preventative maintenance and filter replacement.

Wood flour, welding smoke, blasting and grinding applications are just a few of the many types of collection needs that dAFa888 gold Edition login website sees every day. Dafa888 Gold Edition Login site's professional team is here to help you choose the right collector, the best system design and the right CFM, and keep the machine in good care.  To learn more about the correct CFM required by your application, download the dAFa888 Gold edition login website Air flow chart

Heneveld Industrial Group is donaldson's silver dealer Supporting products Stock options available, Donaldson  Filter, Replacement parts. 

Dust collector of bag type dust collector

Bag filters filter dirty air through felt bag filters. The dusty air is pulled by a large fan, and the dust collects on the felt bag, allowing clean air to leave the collector. These collectors range in size and are most effective when dust particles are larger, and the load is extreme.

Cartridge dust collector

Cartridge filter uses cartridge filter, suitable for light load and fine dust applications. They have the ability to trap all kinds of dust particles that can hinder your workplace and create dangerous work environments.

The mist collector

Fog collectors help collect and remove contaminants from the air, uncollected coolant and mechanical oil mist. If unpaid, many hazards, from slippery floors to coolant and oil collection on machines and walls, can occur. CNC machining, water-soluble and synthetic fog, and wet machining are just a few applications that require fog collectors.


Soot collection helps reduce the chance of inhaling harmful fumes that can cause serious health problems. Especially during welding, it is vital to collect dangerous smoke and gases before they reach the welder's breathing zone. The fume collector can be a portable arm system, filled with smoke and away, or as a downdraft table where smoke and sparks are pulled down from the welder.

Combustible dust solutions

Hennefield Industries is committed to your safety. The DAFA888 Gold Edition Login website can provide you with the latest combustible dust solutions, including staying on top of all dust Hazard analysis (DHA) and NFPA requirements. Dafa888 Gold Edition Login site attaches great importance to combustible dust testing and is ready to test your dust today. Once it has been determined, if the dust you created is combustible or not, the DAFA888 Gold Edition Login site will work with you to develop an action plan to ensure the safety of your employees and workplace. Dafa888 Gold Login website is a proud FireTrace distributor offering your collectors all types of fire detection and fire suppression additional features. Fire units can also be used for CNC machine tools, as well as edM equipment. Staying on top of fire prevention methods is vital to the safety of your employees and your workplace.


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