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Synonyms: Hennefeld Industries Group
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撇油 & Liquid filtration

The skimming system will properly remove waste oil, grease and fat from the water. This will help improve overall water treatment and production efficiency, as well as improve product quality. The skimming system will also help avoid potential environmental problems and risks, as in most cases you can recover oil and grease.

If you already have an oil-water separator, adding a skimmer can also improve efficiency. Oil-water separators often do not provide an ideal solution to remove oil and grease once separated. Add a skimmer, and this problem is solved, because the skimmer has a separate collection area to collect the oil, the grease, the fat once it's collected it disappears.

Another area of service that dAFA888 can assist in is liquid filtration. From providing specific devices and containers for your application to being your filter supplier, the DAFA888 Gold Login website can help! Dafa888 Gold Login site not only has the ability to help order any filter size and style,You might need, But the DAFa888 Golden Login site also offers warehousing options, Make sure the filters you need are always in stock, So when you need them, They can ship on the same day. 


Skimming has many benefits.

These benefits include:

Cost savings

Save money by extending the life of groundwater and reducing the number of times it needs to be replaced. By properly and regularly removing oil, you will reduce maintenance costs due to excess oil formed by clogging materials.

Improve workplace safety

Improve workplace safety by ensuring excess oil does not create oil mist on floors, walls and machines. Oil and grease not collected in a timely manner can also breed bacteria, creating an unpleasant smell and potentially causing harm to workers who encounter it.

Generating new revenue

New revenue is generated through the use of recovered oil, fats and grease. If cleaned correctly, their oil can be restored to its original specifications at a much lower cost than new oil. If it can't be cleaned, the oil can be recycled into new products.

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Dafa888 Golden Edition Login site offers products, services and solutions to address your skimming needs.

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