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Product introduction and information

Click to download the brochure below to learn more about the products and devices available on the DAFa888 Gold Login site.  If you don't find what you are looking for, please feel free to log on to the dAFa888 Gold Edition team website, or if you have other questions.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Aerodynamic vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Tools and Accessories

Nordfab ® Quick - Fit

Nordfab pipe quick reference

Nordfab catheter tube

The Quick - Fit the sleeve & o-ring

Quick clip with pin

Nordfab pipe elbow

Nordfab standard branch

Nordfab double branch

Nordfab Y branch

Nordfab hose clamp

Nordfab rubber & Polyurethane hose

Angle flange adapter

End description and endboard

Nfe automatic explosion door

Manual Blastgate

(NFM) exhaust door

SD automatic explosion-proof door

手册 & Automatic shunt valve

Piping hanger

Roof and wall flash

Skirt on the roof

Air flow diagram (CFM)

Nordfab QFS sealed piping system

Nordfab Pipe seal Assembly

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