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Are you looking for an alternative filter for your Parker ProBond™ filter? Well, there's good news for dAFa888 gold login! Dafa888 is pleased to announce that the DAFa888 website offers a wide selection of ProBond filters that have recently been discontinued. Thanks to our friends at Strant. Available in many configurations to meet any of your needs that may be required, these resin-bonded felt products will not only replace previous applications that require Probond media, but will also provide additional benefits.

These resin-bonded felt filters provide additional surface area, longer life, higher throughput, less labor replacement, enhanced pollution control, reduced nonconforming products, and overall cost savings.

These resin-bonded filter media filters benefit from depth while providing more surface area, which results in longer service life and fewer filters.

Although these new filters will require bag filter housing units, this also provides flexibility. The same bag filter housing will accept all types of these resin-bonded felt filter options. These filter types include:

  1. Increased area AA TYPE BRB resin filter bag: 70% more surface area than typical filter bag, thus extending service life. 50% less retention volume than standard bags. 
  2. BRB resin filter bag: Standard bags have a nearly 5-gallon fill capacity and are used for high solid load applications where pollutants form porous filter cakes. 
  3. Visc-maxx Frill Filter :27 "long (P2) cartridge with an area of 18 square feet, this filter can be replaced with up to 36 standard 10" resin bonded filter logs. This filter is best used with longer filter life and maximum throughput is essential. 

Brb-aa resin machine design is recommended as the most economical starting option. These filter bags are resin bonded with fixed pore structure, allowing better quality filtration without compression blocking flow. This incompressible medium is ideal for high viscosity fluids. These filter bags also provide more surface area, allowing longer life, more throughput, and in return, lower costs in the long run.

These resin-bonded felt filter products provide internal to external flow, reducing clutter and creating easier and cleaner replacements. These filters do not fall off or stick together, creating the most reliable filter bag construction on the market.

Interested to learn more? 联系 Today dAFa888 gold edition login site team!

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