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Vacuum system

Keeping the workplace clean is critical to the safety of the workplace and its employees. Dafa888 Gold Login website's industrial vacuum system has options and power to keep up with your dust and particulates collected on your workplace floors, machines and walls.

Depending on your needs, this is a vacuum system. All are customizable to ensure you get exactly what you need. Need dAFa888 gold edition login site to see daily. Here are some collector types, each of which can be customized to exactly meet your needs.

There are many popular vacuum systems

These popular systems include:

Wet/dry portable industrial vacuum cleaner

These vacuums are available at single or double venturi power, so the suction source depends on you and your needs. These systems include an internal dust filter and an automatic vacuum liquid cut-off.

HEPA vacuum cleaner

In compliance with OSHA regulations, HEPA vacuum systems are recommended when handling toxic or hazardous materials. Some common uses are in pharmaceutical factories, hexavalent chromium, silica, lead and asbestos.

Use a vacuum cleaner continuously

These systems employ continuous bagging systems. These are ideal treatments when you're exposed to fine particulate matter that can be harmful. These systems reduce operator exposure and prevent potential dust clouds.

Combustible dust vacuum cleaner

Also NFPA 77 compliant, these vacuum cleaners are ATEX tested and certified, which ensures safe cleaning of any combustible dust.

Liquid recovery vacuum cleaner

The system can be used with all types of liquids -- including flammable liquids and solid granular liquids. These vacuum cleaners filter cleaning liquids and any solid particles into their own baskets for easy removal. The liquid is then washed away from the larger material and can be reused if needed.

Central vacuum system

These systems are ideal for larger areas that are looking for a more (semi-) permanent unit. From custom vacuum systems to pre-packaging, there will be a system for you to meet all your needs.

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