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There's no question that a messy work environment can be dangerous, and how important it is for you to clean up, your workers, and your facilities. A potential hazard comes from oil mist and cutting fluid leaking from process ventilation ducts or operating equipment. These leaks can be hazardous to the health and safety of employees and can negatively impact your machine.

Fortunately, Nordfab recently released their redesigned QFS sealing gasket for the QFS sealing piping system. These updated gaskets wrap tightly around their popular quick-fit crimping pipe to create a safe fit -- without the need for any adhesive.


The benefits of a QFS pipeline include:

  • Quick and convenient installation
  • Leak-proof seals
  • New QFS sealant, uv resistant, Marine grade
  • QFS components are manufactured to complete seals and maintain tight tolerances


The video below shows the new and improved liner design and how to easily install the end of these QFS liners for a quick installation ductwork system. To learn more about the benefits of Nordfab's QFS sealed piping, Please click here to download the booklet!



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